J Mascis Announcment

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J Mascis Announcment

It was so exciting to see J Mascis, of Dinosaur Jr. fame, on Late Night with Seth Meyers this past week. He was sitting in with Fred Armisen and the 8G Band all week. Besides Dinosaur Jr., J has also been in several other bands including Deep Wound, Gobblehoof, Velvet Monkeys, J. Mascis & The Fog, Witch and Sweet Apple, during his impressive quarter-century career, as well as guest performed on numerous other projects.
In even more exciting news it was revealed that J will be releasing a solo album this summer.
The new album “Tied to a Star” will be released by Sub Pop, as was his last solo album. I always want to hear more of J Mascis hauntingly beautiful voice and insightful lyrics whether it be with one of the above mentioned bands or on a solo project. This news, as well as rumors of new Dinosaur Jr. in the works, is keeping fans on the edge of our seats.
There is artwork floating around the internet said to be used on the album, from Marq Spusta, who has done previous cover art for J Mascis, Dinosaur Jr. and many other bands.

“Not Enough” from J Mascis 2011’s “Several Shades of Why”, J’s first studio solo album; I was in love with this song from the moment I heard it and look forward to more.
Official Video “Not Enough”


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